Document Management

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Going Green has never been easier!

Did you know a single file cabinet of paper documents costs $2,100 per year?

That 7-percent of all paper documents are lost due to filing errors?

That over 70-percent of all documents originate as a computerized document?

How about this: AxisPointe can store all your project documents and retrieve them instantly for the life of the home–and you’ll never have to worry about a lost file! All at less cost and less hassle than paper documents.

Digital documents are becoming the standard way of business, and are increasingly required by some insurance companies who may even provide a discount if you have a comprehensive job file storage system using AxisPointe’s HomeProfile program.

AxisPointe removes the confusion and costly overhead of project documentation and archiving. Join the thousands of satisfied builders who rely on AxisPointe’s leading technology solutions to help you manage, track, store and share valuable construction documents, building plans, reports and photos.

The AxisPointe system utilizes innovative builder templates to streamline the documentation process which allows you to build entire libraries of customized documents with a few clicks.  Templates provide you with a one-to-many relationship or allow you to pull down documents that pertain to just one home, all without ever having to own or maintain expensive computers and storage facilities.

Our Company-owned servers and fault-tolerant hosted solutions are rugged, secure, and will safely store and maintain all your important documents for the life of the home!  Clients can view the progress of their construction online, including documents, floor plans, changes and even digital photos—without ever bothering you or your field staff. Imagine having subcontractor agreements, photos and even recorded customer service phone calls instantly at your fingertips–from any computer at any time.

HomeProfile is just a part of our Document Management solutions, allowing your staff to quickly review documents and construction photos if a claim develops, reducing your reaction time and potential liability.  Call us now to learn more about how AxisPointe can help you reduce risk, improve your customer experience and save you time with our robust Document Management Solutions.