Since 2002 AxisPointe has provided home builders and contractors with technology solutions to eliminate construction risk and improve efficiency. AxisPointe’s HomeProfile® document management solution has been employed on thousands of homes by leading builders throughout the USA and Canada.

AxisPointe’s CEO Stan Luhr is a nationally recognized construction expert and forensic consultant, a builder for 35 years who has been engaged by thousands of builders interested in improving their quality operations. Mr. Luhr created and patented risk innovation tools that were endorsed by the nation’s largest insurance companies. By 2011, over 430,000 homes were built following his quality assurance programs, and over $9 billion in construction risk was eliminated on job sites around the country.

Our company is founded on honesty, hard work and a commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations every day.  We are a debt-free privately held company, and host our own dedicated servers in two separate geographic locations to ensure redundancy. Our backup protection includes mirrored Cloud servers and tape backups stored in offsite vaults.  We house the largest known database of over 300,000 construction products linked to manufacturer’s appliance warranties and consumer manuals which are digitally shared to every home built by our clients. At AxisPointe, we have never destroyed or lost any of our clients’ important digital documents, and unlike our competitors, all data remains safe for the life of the home and is available to subsequent home owners.

Today, AxisPointe stands alone as the only QA provider dedicated to new construction quality, with tools and services focused specifically for builders of all sizes. AxisPointe does not perform home inspections or engineering or construction management–our focus and passion is Quality. Give us a call so we may discuss your passion to build the best quality homes in America–we promise it will be worth your time!