InSite Mobile FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I not able to log in using the information provided to me by AxisPointe?

A: The InSite Mobile application is case-sensitive with both the usernames and password provided. This also extends to the special campaign codes that are handed out during tradeshows. Usernames, passwords and special codes must be entered exactly as they are provided to you.

Q: I forgot my password – how can I have it reset?

A: If you have accessed your account before and have added an email address, simply click on the “Forgot Password” link on the mobile app. You will be asked to enter your username. Once the username is entered, an email will be sent to the account associated with that username. 

Q: All of the photos I have taken are low quality when I view them, how do I view the high quality photos?

A: While data is being collected in the field via cellular data, only low quality thumbnails are transmitted back to our server. In order to view high res photos, you must find a location where you can connect to WiFi to upload all of the High Res images.