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AxisPointe’s innovative web-based technology ensures our builders and insurance partners meet all underwriting and project documentation requirements for the life of the project. Using InSite Wrap, you can store, archive, and track insurance certificates, contracts, builder manuals, blueprints, and any other mission-critical documents. Or, simply rely on AxisPointe’s dedicated team of insurance, risk, and legal professionals to keep you in compliance and allow you to do what you do best—building homes!

With InSite Wrap:

  • Monitor all your vendor policies & licenses to meet insurance compliance
  • Generate rich reports for all vested parties involved with your project
  • Breeze through insurance company audits quickly & with ease
  • Automatic document tracking assures that any policy, license or other time-critical document is
  • tracked & appropriate notifications sent out
  • InSite Wrap is fully integrated with the AxisPointe’s Enterprise Suite—No third-party licenses required!
  • Reduce your liability by making sure every subcontractor is properly licensed and insured throughout construction operations
  • All data is integrated with AxisPointe’s Customer Service system, QA, & builder document archive for the industry’s only one-stop solution to your risk management needs
  • Instantly access critical subcontractor information & documentation online anytime, from any computer, forever!

Other Services:

Contract Documents. AxisPointe reviews your Job Safety, QA, Homeowner Guides and contracts to ensure compliance with insurance underwriting requirements. We’ll even provide you with state-specific templates that are fully customizable to your needs.

Industry-leading construction defense attorneys review required contractor and indemnity language for sales agreements, trade vendors and other important disclosures. AxisPointe will also provide contract addendums to ensure cohesion with policy provisions and compliance with trade partner obligations.

OCIP/CCIP Manual? No bulky manuals that sit on a shelf here—AxisPointe’s online guidelines and paperless forms allow you instant access and accurate data entry from any computer.

We know your time is valuable. Our mission is to eliminate the headaches of wrap administration and help streamline the process to save you money!