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Looking for a Third-Party QA program?

Whether you conduct in-house QA/QC operations or desire to outsource your risk evaluations, trust AxisPointe to provide the most effective program available that meets all industry, state and insurance underwriting requirements. 

Quality Assurance Site Visits—We provide routine site audits of your ongoing construction at important intervals as your construction progresses, in strict compliance with all insurance company requirements.  Each of our trained QA consultants have been specifically trained to identify real problems before they become major issues.  AxisPointe’s QA Site Visits include observation of building components deemed to be high-risk, such as foundation and reinforcing steel placement, structural framing, waterproofing, exteriors, window flashings, roof systems, balcony decks and life safety building components.

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Each Site Visit is scheduled as construction progresses to observe your project at critical stages of construction, spending more time early in the project where mistakes may be quickly remedied and not repeated, and less time during the finish work. AxisPointe’s Quality Assurance Site Visits are specifically endorsed or approved by several insurance providers, including Arch Insurance, Pioneer Programs and Cove Programs as a qualified third-party QA provider for new construction across the USA.

AxisPointe third-party consultants capture digital photos of important construction features linked to time-tested quality checkpoints, or metrics which reinforce the quality intent.  Our QA Site Visits capture your construction’s best practices as well as highlight anomalies for immediate correction as warranted.  All digital photos and Quality data are stored in AxisPointe’s proprietary servers and Cloud backup for access online via our secure websites.  If an anomaly is discovered, AxisPointe places a “QA” label at various locations to help the trades identify the condition and take immediate action. Prior to leaving the site, AxisPointe will inform your project superintendent or builder of any areas needing improvement.  As always, help is always available by calling our technical support folks who are ready to assist.

AxisPoint consultants capture data electronically using our InSite Mobile iPhone technology, instantly sharing the results with your project superintendent and all trade vendors you have identified with an email address.  Since InSite Mobile communicates these issues instantly to the trades, everyone is instantly informed, saving your superintendent valuable time.  InSite Mobile users can promote any checkpoint or photo to AxisPointe’s experts or others for immediate review and comment, keeping costs down and eliminating mistakes. This Virtual Inspection capability leverages your consultants to be more efficient and effective, and everyone shares the same technology platform with no per-user fees.

Forensic Plan Review—We are forensic experts, and have been for nearly 30 years.  AxisPointe’s Forensic Plan Review utilizes a proven and unique process to efficiently identify construction conflicts, missing or incorrect details, unworkable interfaces and incompatible materials that can lead to construction delays and defects.  Our forensic architects and building science experts focus on high-risk and un-insured risk components such as fire-resistive construction, window and wall interfaces, roofing, below grade waterproofing and sound attenuation.  A detailed written report is included for your architect to specifically review and take corrective action or provide additional information to ensure a quality project.  If desired AxisPointe will review your architect’s corrections or responses which provides additional protection of compliance.

Benchmarking—Beyond Traditional Builder Risk Assessments

“Benchmarking” refers to best-in-class practices that eliminate waste, risk and dissatisfied customers.  AxisPointe provides comprehensive site audits, and works with your team to discover lost profits and opportunities for improvement. Best practices are documented so they can be shared with other employees or divisions to improve and standardize your products, while high risk issues are identified and eliminated.  Whether you build one house at a time or are a national builder, trust AxisPointe to provide you with consistent and reliable information regarding your field operational quality.

Change Process

AxisPointe’s Change Process Training has been shared around the country in educational conferences and training sessions and is a powerful tool to help you identify and eliminate costly mistakes that siphon away profits from your business.

Builders can quickly and easily improve construction quality by employing our Change Process tool to recognize and eliminate risk using your own employees and trade partners.  Change Process is a functional tool that can augment any builder operation.  AxisPointe provides training to help you jump-start this very rewarding process, which will transform the way you see risk and effect positive incremental change in your organization.

Claims Response

If you are ever in need of support, AxisPointe is here to be your partner.  At a reduced fee, our forensic experts are available to assist you to resolve building performance issues such as window leaks, roofing problems, subsidence and the like.  AxisPointe’s forensic experts are specially trained and qualified to perform ASTM E-1105 window and wall leakage testing, infrared camera inspection, blower door and duct blaster testing and can help you resolve any construction claim without allowing it to fall into litigation.


We have been providing the construction and insurance industry with high-level training for nearly 30 years.  AxisPointe’s CEO is a nationally recognized building expert who has provided training for NAHB, PCBC, Builder 20, IRMI, Zurich, AIG, ACIG, Arch, Pioneer and hundreds of others.  Over 100 programs are available, including Top Construction Risks by Region, Builder Best Practices, LEAN Building, QA/QC, Change Process, Superintendent and upper management training.

Builder Risk Assessment

AxisPointe provides builders with a standardized QA tool that accurately measures the performance of any builder or divisional operation, allowing you to create a baseline to measure and improve quality or compare with other entities.  Our Risk Assessment carefully details any repeated construction problems built into your active construction, as well as your best building practices to be emulated.  The Risk Assessment is a powerful management and training tool that has been used by hundreds of builders and insurance companies to evaluate and track building excellence.

Other services, including project and builder acquisitions, distressed asset inspections,
property condition assessments, value engineering, and energy audit and testing services are available.