InSite Funding

Construction Lending Risk Management has changed very little over the past 50 years—Until Now! Eliminate the high cost of jobsite inspection, bank draws and risk management—With AxisPointe!

Once available only to the nation’s largest risk insurers, AxisPointe’s award-winning software and construction oversight provides you with these exclusive features, at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction draw programs:

• Automated Bank Draw Verification: AxisPointe takes the hassle and wasted time of traditional bank draw compliance, and provides exceptional insight for a fraction of the cost. Builders simply complete their draw request checkpoints and submit via our InSite Mobile™ smartphone app, and in a few hours their request is acknowledged. Our experienced construction consultants review detailed photos of the jobsite, tracked via GPS, to verify the work meets bank draw requirements. We cut days o the traditional bank draw process and reduce jobsite inspection costs, while providing lenders with greater verification and compliance data in real-time.

• Initial Jobsite Orientation: AxisPointe reviews the approved plans, foundation and soils engineering documents and orients the builder to the AxisPointe enterprise software system. The Builder is trained on the use of our InSite Mobile™ smartphone app to document quality and job progress in between our scheduled visits

• Free Documents: Builders receive free access to insurance-approved sales contracts, trade agreements, homeowner maintenance guides and other critical documents updated for each state

• Out-of-Compliance Alert: Unlike traditional inspection-based auditing, AxisPointe’s Exception Reporting provides unprecedented job visibility throughout construction, when jobsite data metrics fall outside predicted tolerances, allowing us to identify and resolve issues days or even weeks sooner than traditional methods

• Custom Portfolio Reporting: AxisPointe provides its financial partners with customized data reports, raw data download and exception alerts to keep you informed of any jobsite, anywhere—in real-time! What’s more, you can access portfolio data and view any jobsite from any web browser—at any time. Jobsite documents, product information, jobsite status and photos are stored in the Cloud for the life of the home

• Free Builder Tools: AxisPointe provides your builders with exceptional tools to help them manage, build, and document their construction project at no additional cost. Insurance program incentives and hundreds of dollars in manufacturer rebates are available to reward builders using our program!

By combining insurance-required documentation with the needs of the financial industry, AxisPointe provides you with exceptional risk protection, for less. More than 600,000 homes have been completed using this technology, and now it is available to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional bank funding inspection programs.

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