InSite Vendor

InSite Vendor



InSite Vendor™ Delivers Industry-Changing Solutions For home Builders

Each year builders and manufacturers are plagued with defective product scares such as Chinese Drywall, corroding pipe fittings and contaminated products.  Would you be able to quickly determine if these products were in the homes you build?

Since 2002, AxisPointe has been providing builders with our innovative HomeProfile® solutions—and now it’s even better.  InSite Vendor™ is the industry’s first and most comprehensive tool to help reduce claims and capture valuable data for the building industry.

For the first time, manufacturers, builders and homeowners become digitally linked to share installation instructions, warranties, rebates, and customized quality checkpoints to ensure proper installation.  Manufacturers receive valuable information regarding who, when, where and what products are being installed, and can reward builders for their loyalty and quality installation efforts.

For Builders:
• Earn valuable rebates & cash incentives from manufacturers—get paid to click!
• Important building products are digitally linked using the industry’s most powerful mobile app
• Up-to-date product installation guidance to improve construction quality
• Barcode scan feature links products to each home you build & automatically links homeowners to important warranty use & care info
• Fully integrated into the AxisPointe Enterprise program, approved by leading insurance companies

For Manufacturers:
• Know who, when, & precisely where your products are being installed
• Receive homeowner contact data, with name, email and escrow close date
• Communicate directly with the people who install & use your products
• Automate rebate programs & receive rich data in return
• Target installers in need of training & reward those who provide exceptional service
• Cut rebate & warranty fraud, provide targeted training, & build market share at less cost

InSite Vendor is an exciting and industry-changing technology that is sure to revolutionize the way builders and manufacturers share data and work together. Call now to learn more!