PCBC 2017 – Workshop

Superintendent Boot Camp: Eliminate Defects and Boost Productivity

We all know what chaos looks like—a messy jobsite, trades out of control, defects, and long punch lists. Even the best jobsites seem only to control the chaos rather than eliminate it. Learn how to break this cycle by applying proven strategies that work for the largest manufacturers in the world. This workshop will help you eliminate defects and conflicts in the design documents, saving you money and time by focusing on plans the way a forensic expert does. You’ll explore the top 20 defects that plague construction sites and how to address them. You’ll also learn: how to build an effective team and integrate your trade contractors and design professionals to nurture an environment of cooperation and process improvement; how to effectively use third-party quality assurance consultants and testing labs that are commonly required by insurance companies; and the quality practices used by some of the world’s top manufacturers, with examples of how builders have adopted similar strategies without increasing costs.

Stan Luhr, CEO, AxisPointe