AxisPointe Management Team

Chad S. Latimer - President and CEO

Chad brings over 20 years of enterprise software sales and management experience to AxisPointe. Prior to AxisPointe, Chad was Vice President of Global Enterprise Software Support at Symantec. Chad joined Symantec as part of the acquisition of Altiris, an IT systems management company. At Altiris, Chad served as the Vice President of International Sales and Operations where he helped to establish subsidiaries in Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden and the UK. Starting as a sales representative in the software industry in 1988, Mr. Latimer has extensive experience in building sales teams, developing partner channels, managing operational structures and selling software solutions to enterprise customers.

Prior to AxisPointe, Mr. Latimer also served as Director of International Sales for Vinca/Legato, a fault tolerance and high availability company, Director, Asia Pacific Sales for PowerQuest Corporation, and as Vice President, Latin America Sales for Novell.

Mr. Latimer holds a B.A. degree from Brigham Young University, located in Provo, Utah.


Matt Willes - Chief Financial Officer

Previous to his position at AxisPointe, Matt managed a $1 Billion global corporate bond portfolio for Beneficial Financial Group, a multi-billion dollar life insurance company. In addition to the bond portfolio, Matt had responsibility for all Beneficial’s alternative investments and equity related assets. Prior to Beneficial, Matt worked in a variety of positions with Black & Decker. He is also the founder and managing member of a privately owned investment company. Matt received a Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering from BYU, and an MBA in Finance from UCLA. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Coray Christensen - Vice President of Product Management

Coray is the Vice President of Product Management for the AxisFM facility asset management division of AxisPointe. He has over seven years of experience in facility asset management and brings an extensive resume of experience, primarily working with higher education technology, to the team. He excels at garnering strong vendor and client relationships with his strategic marketing and technology background. Prior to AxisFM, Coray was the owner and president of Asset Evolution. He was instrumental in developing key technologies and processes to maximize customer effectiveness through Asset Management Software called Total Enterprise Asset Management Solution. Coray worked previously for DATAMARK/eCOLLEGE, McGraw/Hill, Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, Prentice Hall and Novations Group, Inc. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies, minor in Business Management.


Brandon Pack - Vice President of Technology

Brandon has been working in the technology industry for over 12 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the information systems world. Having been with AxisPointe from the early years, he has overseen the development and engineering of the products and software solutions that AxisPointe offers and played an integral part in developing the company’s core technologies. Brandon oversees the day-to-day operations of all technology based systems, hardware, and applications within the organization. Previous to joining the AxisPointe team in 2004, Brandon worked as a Computer Professional and Network Administrator for the University of Utah and managed a team of technicians as well as a complex network of hundreds of IT systems and student computing initiatives. He was a project manager over a various software and database projects that facilitated bringing web-based applications to the fore-front of the department’s strategies. Brandon holds a number of IT and software engineering certifications as well as a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management from David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah with a minor in Computer Science from the School of Engineering.


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