Builder Services Division

One of the AxisPointe founders, Frank Tate, had made a living for almost twenty years building all types of homes. During the process, he realized that generally, builders were doing a poor job informing and educating their buyers on their homes new homes. Frank realized that when homeowners are not armed with the right information, they remain dependent on the builder for information like:

  • Maintenance and warranty questions
  • Option specific inquiries (i.e paint color)
  • Subcontractor contact information

When the homeowners call back on this type of information, it wastes the valuable, limited time and resources the builder has available on providing the buyer with information they should have received in the first place. In addition, it was very evident the homeowner satisfaction, and therefore, willingness to refer, decreased drastically when buyers felt that their builder didn’t adequately educate them on home-specific items and warranty expectations. That’s how the idea for the HomeProfile came about.

Frank presented the idea to his friend and colleague, Andrew K. Smith. Andrew, an experienced entrepreneur, immediately saw the value of the HomeProfile concept and in 2002, Andrew and Frank started AxisPointe.

Over the past 6 years, the value proposition for builders has evolved immensely. What started out as a “one-product” company focusing solely on builder-branded closing packets has skyrocketed in growth and expanded to include:

Many of the above mentioned services are enabled by AxisPointe’s franchise division, HomeWorx. With HomeWorx, local business-minded individuals can start their own business servicing home builders by using the AxisPointe core products as the base for their services.

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