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Products and Services for Multi-Family Developers


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Your business is all about your reputation, maintaining an upscale image and creating a lasting impression.  You spend millions of dollars promoting and evangelizing your project.   Are you doing all you can to create that lasting impression?

You work hard to help your buyers feel like a celebrity. The last thing you want to have happen is for your image and reputation to suffer once the customer moves into their new home. Unfortunately, it often happens that way.

Why? Because the closing, customer service and warranty process influences the buyers' perceptions more than any other element of the relationship.

What do you want your last impression to be?

Risk Management

Because your buyers are more connected due to proximity, there is a greater possibility of claims, suits or even class-action litigation if they are not properly managed during the entire one-year warranty period.  One of the most common oversights is the misunderstanding of what the Property Management companies will do for your project.  They do not and will not service your homeowners or manage unit specific items. Therefore, the post-construction phase of your business is often the most underestimated. However, it is proven to be the most influential on your bottom line.

Post-Construction Perfected
AxisPointe is the fastest growing post-construction service provider for multi-family developers in the nation.  With notable clients ranging from East to West coast, and spanning into Canada, our products and services are uniquely designed for multi-family projects including:

  • Luxury destination properties
  • Condo-hotel developments
  • Residential condo developments
  • Mixed-use projects

No matter what the type of development, we work with your team to customize and develop the most professional and responsive post-construction experience available to your homeowners.

You Can’t Fake Marquee Customers
Many of the industry’s most influential and well-known developments are using AxisPointe to ensure their warranty obligations are met and their customers remain happy. Here are just few:

Image of 4 Multi Family clients including Trump Towers, Washington Square, Panorama Towers, and Boca Raton.

To read more about our other clients, please refer to the Multi-Family Clients page.