Facility Management Division

In 1981, Doug Christensen was responsible for facility management and operations for one of the largest private universities in the world. Doug spent nearly 30 years developing processes and technologies to help manage the facilities effectively. His focus, was on the total cost of ownership of the entire portfolio and he recognized that it was impossible to do without tracking costs and maintenance down to the asset level. So that’s how he did it.

Nearly 30 years later, Doug is considered one of the most knowledgeable facility management experts in the U.S. and Canada. Doug has been recognized for his facility management expertise by the Federal Facilities Council (FFC), the General Accounting Office (GAO), APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities, and NCCI: National Consortium for Continuous Improvement in Higher Education.

Doug was asked by many other organizations to teach them how to manage their facilities effectively. Understanding that proper facility management is the right mix of technology and philosophy, Doug realized that his in-house, homegrown software would benefit other organizations, but it was owned by the private university.

In 2000, Doug founded Asset Evolution, and began developing software that incorporated all the best practices and proprietary processes he developed over the years. In 2007, Asset Evolution was acquired by AxisPointe, Inc. and the product name was changed to AxisFM.

Today, AxisFM is changing the rules of facility management by combining the core functions of capital asset management, space management, and work management into a single, web-based, on-demand software system.

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