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Reduce overhead, improve communications and provide big-builder efficiencies without the computer and I.T. overhead

Builders are asking us—and we're delivering! AxisPointe is building its next generation of services to reduce overhead costs, improve the customer experience and help you generate higher margins. In this challenging market, builders need to shave costs wherever possible, while keeping their quality and customer service at peak levels to avoid risk. By teaming with AxisPointe, you reduce overhead, improve communications and provide big-builder efficiencies without the computer and I.T. overhead. Homeowner Maintenance Manuals, Performance Guidelines and other disclosure documents can help you drastically reduce risk, while improving your professional image with your clients—all at a fraction of the cost of performing these services in-house. Call us today to ask about how we can help you meet your goals and reduce your overhead costs by teaming up with the leader—AxisPointe.

Forensic Plan Review

AxisPointe’s skilled forensic experts and architects help you eliminate problems before you start construction.  Learn more…

 Many construction defects and quality issues can be quickly eliminated before construction even begins when you order a Forensic Plan Review from AxisPointe.  Our forensic experts and architects carefully review building plans to uncover common high risk issues such as window flashing integration, incompatible products and missing details that wreck havoc on your project.  Trust AxisPointe’s forensic team, with more than 4,000 litigation claims completed, to provide you with rock-solid experience and technical expertise second to none in the industry.

Quality Assurance Site Observation Services

Whether you conduct in-house QA/QC operations or desire to outsource your risk evaluations, trust AxisPointe to provide the most effective program available that meets all industry, state and insurance underwriting requirements.   Learn more…

 AxisPointe provides builders with expert QA/QC support to comply with virtually all insurance and financial requirements calling for verified QA/QC evaluation and site observations.  We employ experienced QA consultants to comply with third-party site observation requirements, or can help you with improving your internal QA/QC functional needs.  Our GPS-enabled digital photography, bar code and Checkpoint Quality Systems offer you the most flexible and affordable QA/QC services in the industry.  AxisPointe’s latest OnSiteMobile™ field management software and other technology tools helps you gather important construction information and share it seamlessly and instantly to trade partners, design teams and your customer.  OnSiteMobile gives you a fully integrated tool that includes scheduling, task management, process management and corrective action documentation that is second to none in the industry.  For builders looking for software simply to manage their documents and gather photos documenting good construction, our HomeProfile and GPS-enabled camera platform provides rapid QA start-up (literally in minutes) to get you on your way and at an affordable price.

Benchmarking—Beyond Traditional Builder Risk Assessments

AxisPointe provides comprehensive Risk Measurement & Auditing services to help builders identify, measure and improve performance for any size organization.  Learn more…

“Benchmarking” refers to best-in-class practices that eliminate waste, risk and dissatisfied customers.  AxisPointe provides comprehensive site audits, and works with your team to discover lost profits and opportunities for improvement. Best practices are documented so they can be shared with other employees or divisions to improve and standardize your products, while high risk issues are identified and eliminated.  Whether you build one house at a time or are a national builder, trust AxisPointe to provide you with consistent and reliable information regarding your field operational quality. 

Change Process

AxisPointe’s Change Process Training has been shared around the country in educational conferences and training sessions and is a powerful tool to help you identify and eliminate costly mistakes that siphon away profits from your business.  Learn more…

Builders can quickly and easily improve construction quality by employing our Change Process tool to recognize and eliminate risk using your own employees and trade partners.  Change Process is a functional tool that can augment any builder operation.  AxisPointe provides training to help you jumpstart this very rewarding process, which will transform the way you see risk and effect positive incremental change in your organization. 

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